Your assignment is to develop a fundraising activity for your

 Your assignment is to develop a fundraising activity for your current program. If you are not in a program currently, it is ok to approach the assignment as if you will be in a position of leadership (head coach/athletic director) in the future.             You are to choose a fundraising activity that you have implemented or would want to implement into your program in the future. You should include the following main headings listed below: 

  1. Overall budget spreadsheet – Make projections of expenses and revenues and provide a detailed income statement that supports your projections. It should include all revenue, startup costs and day of event expenses, donations, entry fees, concessions, and other money generated for the event.
  2. Logistics – How would the event run? Also, include outside organizations that you would need to use to help run the event. For example if you were running a 5 k, 1/2 marathon, or full marathon you would most likely need an outside company to perform your timing system.
  3. Tracking money – Develop a strategy for keeping track of the money that you would use for this fundraising event.
  4. Sponsorship – Let us know how you would attract sponsors for the event and the reasons why you feel a local sponsor would want to support your event.
  5. Donor follow up – Include in your report how you would follow up with donors for your event.
  6. Closing –  you should include:
  • Clear, accurate description and summary of experience and/or what you learned.
  • Thoughtful analysis and assessment in relation to profession.
  • Personal significance for your future coaching or athletic administration experience.
  1. Sample docs – Optional to include graphic sample flyers, organizers, charts, and graphs to enhance your project.

Evaluation criteria:

  • Paper must include a title page and follow APA guidelines.
  • Paper MUST include specified titles for each section of the paper (a-f listed above)
  • Two (2) references must be included at the end of this assignment. 

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