Write an APA paper that addresses the three of the


Write an APA paper that addresses the three of the following topics:
Conduct research either using the textbook, journals, articles, news reports, and as a last resort online website and provide a summary of the following concepts.  The format of your paper must follow APA format guidelines only to the extent you use in-text citation to indicate where you obtained your information.   

1. Discuss: Define Work and Power.
2. Define the types of Energy and provide examples.
3. Discuss the Fundamental Law of the Conservation of Energy and its ramification.  How does the Conservation of Energy impact the environment?  
4. Explain and summarize the Kinetic Molecular Theory.  Explain the concept of solids, liquids, and gases. 
5. Explain the relationship between temperature, volume, and heat
6. Explain in your own words, the first and second law of Thermodynamics. 

Make sure you follow the APA rules specifically to document your in-text citation and your reference page. If you have a question, please let me know. The templates below are what I expect your paper to look like.  Make sure your paper is in word doc format only; NOT IN APA format.  I need to have it in word format in order to make comments on your paper.  

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