When it comes to patient care planning and patient care

When it comes to patient care planning and patient care I believe that a patient should always be involved. There shouldn’t be a single situation where the patient isn’t involved in their own plan of care. When your patient is confused or disoriented the family should be involved as well in the patients plan of care. I always find it help to speak with the patient and patient family to make sure we are doing all the right things.

            We also need to consider the patients’ values and preferences should followed and talked about. When it comes to values that we as nurses don’t believe in we as nurses do not need to make it apparent that we don’t believe in what they do and we don’t need to push our beliefs on them we well. 

            Certain values could change a treatment plan, when that occurs the patient needs to be made aware of the risk and benefits of the situation and if they choose to change their values then that is what they shall do if they don’t want to change their values then that is a part of the patient’s rights. 

            Effective decision making should involve the patient and family. When it comes to big decision it is always up to the patient. If they don’t want certain test, it is always important to ask why they don’t and if it something we as nurses or healthcare providers can fix then we should educate them on how we are going to fix the problem. 

            Personally, as a bedside we care plan with our patients and providers each day. We take what they say into account and go off what they are saying. If it is something that they don’t want to do, we always educate them on why we are wanting to do what we do. I will always take other peoples and patients say serious and use what they say to care plan for them if needed.

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