What does your score on the Moral Imagination Scale assessment

  1. What does your score on the Moral Imagination Scale assessment reveal about your moral imagination? 
  2. After reading your textbook did you agree with the outcome of the Moral Imagination Self-Assessment?
  3. From the Case Study 2.2 in your text reading, how is the decision of the council to solicit bids and choosing Northern Healthy over Strong Lives an example of failed moral imagination?
    1. What are some alternative solutions to address the concerns of the council without canceling the current contract?
  4. How do your alternative suggestions for Case Study 2.2 align with your Moral Imagination Self-Assessment outcome?
  5. Your reflection should be between 450 and 700 words and include at least two scholarly sources. Be sure to use correct spelling, grammar, and APA format in the paper. For questions on APA style, go to OCLS APA Writing Styles Guide
    1. Note: cover pages, academic sources, reference pages, etc. do not count towards the word length requirement in your paper. Remember the work you do here will benefit you in completing your final paper in Workshop Six.
  6. When you have completed your assignment, save a copy for yourself (name your assignment “LastName_MoralImagination”) and submit a copy through the Assignment Submission Page by the end of the workshop.

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