Week 8 Assignment – Capital Budget Analysis Overview For this


Week 8 Assignment – Capital Budget Analysis


For this assignment, you will be provided with a spreadsheet containing projected numbers for two different patient services programs. You will need to download the Program Projections [XLSX] spreadsheet and use it to conduct your analysis.


You are a member of the financial services department at Benson Regional Medical Center. The chief financial officer and chair of the capital budgeting committee, Dana Foster, has requested that you perform some capital analysis of two proposed patient service programs.You have been provided with a spreadsheet that covers much of the projected financials for each of the proposed programs. Your task is to perform an analysis of that information and provide your recommendation to the capital budgeting committee as to which program they should pursue.You have been asked to create a presentation to present your findings to the capital budgeting committee.Using the provided spreadsheet, complete a capital budgeting analysis on the information provided in the spreadsheet. Specifically, you will need to identify a net present value (NPV), internal rate of return (IRR), and a discounted payback period for proposed Program #1 and Program #2. You will present your finding in a presentation.

  • Design a PowerPoint presentation for the capital budgeting committee that includes all of the following:
    • Create a brief 1–2 slide description of the proposed programs.
    • Develop a comparison between the cash flow projects of each program from Year 0 to Year 5. Highlight the differences.
    • Compare the results and interpretation of the discounted payback period between both programs.
    • Compare net present value (NPV) for each program.
    • Compare the Internal rate of return (IRR) for each program.
    • Develop a recommendation for which program the capital budgeting committee should take into consideration. Include supporting rationale.

Formatting Requirements

The presentation should 8–10 slides in length and include speaker notes with each slide. 


 Solution 6: Choose a project based on NPV, IRR, and payback period (linkedin.com) 

 Payback period in Microsoft Excel (linkedin.com) 

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