View all 40 maps via the Resources section below, reading

  1. View all 40 maps via the Resources section below, reading the short information provided. Pay attention to the diversity of the Middle East region—historically, politically, culturally, linguistically, religiously, and geographically.
  2. Provide examples of diversity for each of the following categories—cultural, ethnic, religious, and political. That means four total, one for each category.
  3. For example, refer to any map that emphasizes ethnic differences (for example, Arabs, Persians (Iranians), Jews, or small splinter ethnic groups within states). Or another that emphasizes cultural differences like language usage, including dialects within languages. Yet another that distinguishes religious differences, and finally, another that distinguishes political differences (i.e. sectarianism, or political boundaries that seem to persist over time, or maps indicating strategic location for purposes of military importance, trade, or oil reserves?). Notice that some of these differences overlap and can serve as examples across the four categories indicated.
  4. When providing the four examples mentioned above, indicate the specific map # you used and how they support your examples.

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