Upload an image of an example of digital art that

Upload an image of an example of digital art that you have experienced. If you have not experienced digital art, please do a Web search for Behance. This is a website where many artists upload and share their digital artwork. How do the digital techniques used in the work compare to traditional art mediums? What are its strengths and weaknesses?


The Digital Art I am sharing is of Grogu or baby yoda. (SEEATTACHED)The advantages of digital art is the Undo button. There is less consequence for a mistakenly drawn line in digital art. Another advantage is the savings to the artist in equipment and materials and of course it is more efficient with it not having to dry or implore any other technique that would allow the art to cure. Some disadvantages would be the ability for someone to duplicate the work by being precise and You lose the imperfections that would give traditional art its character.


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