This assignment will explore your understanding about artificial intelligence (AI).


This assignment will explore your understanding about artificial intelligence (AI). You have to complete both activities below:

  1. Jill Watson is a Virtual Teaching Assistant developed at Georgia Tech, based on IBM Watson AI.(  Please go to IBM’s Watson website, select one of their Products & Services offerings. After reading more about the offering you selected:
    • Describe it in a few words
    • Compare it to the AI technologies mentioned in the presentation and match it with the ones you believe that offering is based on
    • In which real-life company and for what purpose would you employ that product or service? 
  2. Watch the IBM’s Watson in Jeopardy video( (You could also watch the Watson “destroys” Humans in Jeopardy video if you have the time). Then read this TechRepublic article, which explains how Watson was “trained” to compete. There are other sources out there, which could give you additional information. If you use them, please do not forget to add them as references.
    • What was the most interesting thing you learned about the way the contest was set up and how Watson was prepared to compete?
    • Can you match the AI technologies Watson use to the ones mentioned in the book?
    • The article mentions Citi as a prospective customer. Look online and provide three examples of companies using Watson. Please also mention what they use it for
    • Does IBM have competition within the AI market? Mention at least two competitors and the products they offer
    • The TechRepublic article mentions Siri. Please research online how Siri works nowadays and compare it to the article. Has Siri evolved? If so, how? Please justify your answer.

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