This assignment builds on the “Health Communication Plan Part 1:


This assignment builds on the “Health Communication Plan Part 1: Defining the Problem, Intervention, and Audience” assignment you submitted in Topic 2. Complete the “Benchmark – Health Communication Plan Part 2: Defining Communication Objectives, Strategies, and Channels” template. In addition, Create a 10-15 slide PowerPoint presentation describing your health communication plan. For the presentation of your PowerPoint, use Loom to create a voice-over or a video. Refer to the topic resources for additional guidance on recording your presentation with Loom. Include an additional slide for the Loom link at the beginning, and an additional slide for references at the end. Include the following elements in your completed template and presentation:

  1. Goals and objectives – Define one (1) communication goal (impact of the intervention) and at least three (3) measurable communication objectives (outcomes for the intervention) for each audience identified in Part 1. Your goal should reflect the expected overall health improvement in mortality, morbidity, incidence, prevalence, or quality of life. Communication objectives should reflect changes in knowledge, attitudes, and/or behaviors leading to the accomplishment of the goal. Use SMART criteria (Specific, Measurable, Appropriate, Realistic, and Time-Bound) to develop objectives.
  2. Key message – Articulate a key communication message for each audience.
  3. Communication strategies and communication channels – Select and describe either engagement, information, or persuasion as the primary form of interaction for each audience. Select and describe the communication channels you will use to convey your key message.
  4. Key partners and stakeholders – Describe key partners and stakeholders who will be involved and their roles and responsibilities.
  5. Logic model – Prepare a logic model for your intervention using the Logic Model Template.  

Incorporate three to five resources to support your critique.

Prepare this assignment according to the guidelines found in the APA Style Guide,

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