The two companies I choose where Apple vs. Android. The

The two companies I choose where Apple vs. Android. The guide lines for the paper is posted below.

The end-term-paper should be no more than three pages single spaced (Time New Roman 12 point) using APA writing style. Your reference page is separate from the body of the paper. Always have someone else proof read to avoid problems associated with flow, grammar and organization. Be sure to cite all sources. Your paper will be scanned by services, which is supported by the college.

Your task is to choose two companies competing in the same market (ie. Retailers- Walmart vs. Target) and contrast aspects of their SCM strategies. Who is winning and who is losing market-share? What do you expect to see in 5-years from either company given market trends etc…Walmart has already begun closing many doors of some of its low producing super centers across the country.

According to the review I provided, “The basic components of SCM are strategy, procurement, supply management, demand management, and logistics. The goal of supply chain management is to match supply to demand as effectively and efficiently as possible.” When thinking about content within your paper, you can relate key aspects to:

1.    Determining the appropriate level of outsourcing.

2.    Managing procurement.

3.    Managing suppliers.

4.    Managing customer relationships.

5.    Being able to quickly identify problems and respond to them.

Some SCM trends include but notwithstanding” 

•   Measuring supply chain ROI.
•   “Greening” the supply chain.
•   Reevaluating outsourcing.
•   Integrating IT- ERP.
•   Adopting lean principles.
•   Managing risks.

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