“The setting is a room in a brick palace…”

Response Assignment There are many ways to learn: you can read a book, listen to a lecture, participate in a symposium or discussion, hear a podcast, watch a film, etc. The reading for this week includes, in contrast, a sort of fictionalized history (see p. 4, beginning with “The setting is a room in a brick palace…”). The author fictionalizes the past, creates a narrative, and tells a story. She uses facts about history, but retells it as a story. What makes this different from “historical fiction” is that it does not deviate far from facts. For this week’s assignment, write a short (2-3 page) essay, similar to the one in the reading. Base it on something you’ve learned in this class. For example, you might imagine someone painting a cave, or writing on a tablet. Include as much of the texture of life as possible: the sights, smells, sounds of the world in which your narrative takes place. Try to stick to what you know to be true, as much as possible, Include one final paragraph in which you reflect on what, if anything, you gained from this non-traditional form of writing.

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