The movie “The Martian” can be viewed through the framework

The movie “The Martian” can be viewed through the framework of project management. There are two different but simultaneous projects going on in The Martian. One is the survival project of Mark Watney and the other is the project aiming to save him. Watney has the right skills for his survival project: he’s a botanist, he knows how to repair a broken Pathfinder and the most important thing is he doesn’t panic even in his first day alone on Mars. On the other hand, he’s not alone in this project. The members of the ‘remote’ team helping him are trying their best to achieve their goal. This is a good example for the importance of the communication between the team even if they are far away!

For this assignment, as we watch the movie, you will be required to address the following questions and answer them.  

·  Submitted through SafeAssign for originality, scores must be below 25%.

·  Follow APA formatting guidelines (i.e. include a reference page) Do not allow your margins to be reduced by utilizing bullet point margins. This will lead to point deductions. Only Pinto textbook needs to be cited; do not worry about citing the movie. 

See project management processes below. For which you must 

1) provide a brief description of each process, 

2) describe how Mark Watney or one of the project teams manages this process, and 

3) provide a specific example of the management of this process from the movie and why this is a good example. 

Project management process- Monitor Risk (Provide answers for above question in this project management process)


Title: Project Management 

ISBN: 9780134730332 

Authors: Pinto 

Publisher: Pearson 

Edition: 5TH 19

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