The CRAAP checklist is a checklist you can use when

The CRAAP checklist is a checklist you can use when evaluating a web resource (or any resource). The checklist provides a list of questions to ask yourself when deciding whether or not a source is reliable and credible enough to use.
CRAAP stands for:

  • Currency: How current is your source?
  • Relevancy: Will this source suit your needs?
  • Authority: Who wrote the information and published it online?
  • Accuracy: How reliable, truthful, and correct is the information?
  • Purpose: Why does the information exist?


Complete the attached CRAAP worksheet

  • Select five sources related to your topic. (The fairness of standardized tests in education)
  • Use the CRAAP Worksheet to help you evaluate the sources.
  • Be sure to include five sources and complete an entry for each source.

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