The assignment requires you to select a disease process covered in class and write a 3-page paper using evidence-based practice guidelines. You are to choose a diagnosis from the NUR 140 content. Then, discuss the promotion of health, and interventions/treatments that are recommended to reduce hospital re-admission as supported by the most recent evidence based practices. Think of this as what the evidence recommends your client should know or do to keep them well in relation to the disease process you selected. • You are to write the paper utilizing APA format. APA is an expectation. You receive 2 points for using it correctly. One error in formatting will result in loss of the 2 points. The paper should be no longer than 3 pages in length (I will stop reading the paper after 3 pages). • The paper must provide cited information from a minimum of 2 articles. All “references” must be cited within the text of the paper according to APA guidelines. • You are to identify at least 3 teaching points for clients with your selected diagnosis. • You must then discuss at least 3 potential barriers that may prevent the client from following the teaching recommendations discussed. For example: If you select the topic Preventing Re-Admission of the Heart Failure Patient, you will first need to identify and read at least 2 recent professional journal articles on that topic. If you begin with a literature search using “evidence-based planning to prevent CHF hospital readmission”, over 1200 articles populate. Select 2 of the most recent articles that meet the criteria in the rubric, and read them in preparation to write the assignment. The articles must be from within the last 5 years and from a professional nursing or medical journal. Papers need to be electronically submitted and uploaded to a plagiarism reader called Safe Assign. You will find the link under assignments. No more than 40% of your paper can be directly quoted. There is a Safe Assign report that will be sent to you under assignments once it evaluates your paper. This populates in < 15 minutes. 


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