SOCW 6051: Diversity, Human Rights, and Social Justice. Week 10


SOCW 6051: Diversity, Human Rights, and Social Justice.

Week 10 assignment 

Assignment: Power Point– Diversity Awareness & Self Reflection

This what I wrote about for this assignment

For this week’s assignment, I was able to learn about an event from my native country Dominican Republic. It is scheduled to take place in Miramar, Florida on Sunday, August 22nd, 2021. 

This event is tittle “Festival de la restauracion Dominicana 2021” which means “Dominican Restoration Festival 2021.” The purpose of this event is to demonstrate that the Dominican Republic’s Culture is a mixture of all types of flavors. From its cuisine to music, its dances to culture, and from its varied folklore to its amazing beautiful humble people. Dominican festivals are characterized by the contagious musical expressions. The festival will provide an unprecedented opportunity for guests and sponsors to witness the cultural celebration of Dominican Restoration with Live performances by Top International Artists.

From the age of 9, I was raised in the United States of America, therefore, to me this event differs from my own diverse experience in the sense that Dominicans tend to be closer with each other while here (USA), everyone seem to be more in their own spaces. I come from a culture where Dominicans considered everyone they meet to be like a family member of their own. 

The challenge I foresee with completing this project would be fitting in; it has been 26 years since I left Dominican Republic, therefore, my memories of it are not necessarily all there. I absolutely look forward to getting closer to my culture and the Dominican community.


Radio Station: El Nuevo Zol 106.7 fm

In the profession of social work, there is an expectation that all service providers and professionals provide culturally responsive interventions and considerations to diverse individuals, groups, and communities. At the same time, the topic of diversity has the potential to create discomfort. 

How do social workers continue to not only engage in difficult conversations, but to also acknowledge and confront the layers of discomfort?

Learning about local diversity and attending cultural events is one way to challenge one’s perspective and engage with diverse others. For this Assignment, participate in an immersive experience in your community. As a guest at this experience, remember to take a stance of cultural humility and respectfully participate. 

You then create a PowerPoint (PPT) presentation about this experience in which you analyze related concepts in the course. You are expected to demonstrate professional demeanor in behavior, dress, and setting for the presentation.

To Prepare: Attend an open event in your community related to a diverse social identity (gender identity/expression, race/ethnicity, class, religion, ability, sexual orientation, national origin, or age). Then, create a PPT presentation and record the presentation using the Personal Capture function of Kaltura Media (see Kaltura Media Uploader linked in the classroom for instructions on using this technology). Use the Presentation feature to record both your PPT and a video of yourself presenting.

By Day 7

Submit, a 7-10 minute recorded PowerPoint presentation and transcript of presentation. In the PPT presentation, address the following prompts: 

  • Describe the cultural event in      which you participated.  
  • Explain how this experience      influenced your perceptions of diversity and difference.
  • Analyze at least 3 key concepts      from this course in relation to this experience.
  • Define what it means to you to      engage with diversity and difference in practice.
  • Describe two challenges      associated with discussing and reflecting on diversity related content.
  • Describe one strategy to      address these challenges.
  • Identify one positive emotion      and one negative emotion that surfaced during the past 10 weeks of the      course.
  • Describe one strategy to      address the negative emotion in order to continue developing cultural      awareness.
  • Explain specific steps that you      will take to advance human rights and social, economic, and environmental      justice based on what you have learned in this course.

It is highly recommended that you write a script before recording your presentation. A good guide for translating the length of your written script into presentation time is about 135 words per minute. This rate may differ based on your speaking style and other variables, so consider it a general guideline. 

To ensure accessibility of your presentation, you must submit a Transcript and/or use the Closed Captioning available in Kaltura Media. (If you select to use closed captioning, you must edit the closed captioning to confirm it was captioned correctly).

Follow Rubric 

Responsiveness to Directions

32.4 (27%) – 36 (30%)

Presentation fully addresses all instruction prompts.


43.2 (36%) – 48 (40%)

Presentation demonstrates an excellent understanding of all of the concepts and key points presented in the text(s) and Learning Resources. Presentation provides significant detail including multiple relevant examples, evidence from the readings and other sources, and discerning ideas. Presentation demonstrates exemplary critical thought.

Presentation Style

32.4 (27%) – 36 (30%)

Presentation was well organized. Student’s demeanor demonstrated excellent professionalism. Student was articulated and communicated well.

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