Small-scale ethnographic


For this coursework you must undertake a small-scale ethnographic research project. The aims of this exercise are to assess your abilities to: 1. undertake a qualitative study using ethnographic techniques; 2. develop a preliminary analysis of your data; 3. discuss the methodological issues that arise in selecting particular research methods and in undertaking qualitative research. To successfully accomplish the coursework, you will: • identify a setting in which to undertake your research; • undertake fieldwork in that setting; that is undertake detailed observation • where relevant and appropriate gather supplementary data for example take photographs, recordings, and/or informal interviews • make detailed field notes about the setting and the activities you observe; • identify two or three key themes or issues; • organise your observations or findings with respect to these themes or issues; • support the observations or findings with evidence from your field notes (and where other data you have collected); • discuss the implications of your findings for future research and practice.

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