Research the importance of the balance sheet and discuss the

  1. Research the importance of the balance sheet and discuss the benefits of the financial statement.
  2. Choose one of the following topics and discuss why it is necessary for shareholders to receive accurate information concerning the account and how you would ensure the information is accurate (what steps would you take). 
    1. Cash.
    2. Inventory.
    3. Fixed Assets.
    4. Liabilities.
    5. Equity.
  3. Please include one quality academic source. 
    1. Students can utilize Strayer University Online Library, academic articles, AICPA, FASB Home, PwC: Audit and Assurance, Consulting and Tax Services, EY US – Home | Building a Better Working World, Deloitte US | Audit, Consulting, Advisory, and Tax Services, The American Accounting Association, KPMG International – KPMG Global, or other government websites.

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