Replying to this reflexion 200 words In the nursing field,

 Replying to this reflexion

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In the nursing field, we are, in most cases, faced with ethical dilemmas. The ethical dilemma is, in other words, referred to as a moral dilemma which is a scenario or situation where the ethical obligations, referred to as the moral obligations, do bring about conflict in a way that it is possible to resolution arrived at to resolve the case is intolerable morally in the nursing profession (Ulrich, 2012). There are ethical dilemmas, which are incidences where the moral principles offering guidance cannot determine how the course to be taken can be considered right or wrong. Last year, I was faced with a dilemma whereby an accident was reported on the road next to the hospital where I work as a nurse. Since the care occupants needed emergency care and assistance, I was forced to act to save their lives. They had no money to cater to the services offered, and this issue did not go well with the hospital management (Ulrich, 2012). Another incident where I found myself at the center of the case involved an old, abandoned woman of African origin. She had challenges breathing due to the collapsed lungs, and she needed emergency care. She was not covered under Medicaid or the Medicare cover and no money on her or the family around. As a team, we were forced to assist the patients as per our moral obligation. We are guided by the principle of nonmaleficence, where we are not supposed to cause unnecessary pain to the patients or even cause harm to them. The patients needed to be relieved of pain and reduce their suffering (Clement, 2016). We decided that we remain ethical and not, at the same time, resolve by going against the terms and conditions of the employer. We were working for private healthcare, and the motive is that the business has to make money from the services offered. We had to act to preserve life and explain later to the management. We advised the patients to get insured and helped them secure medication and Medicaid. 

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