REPLY1 The most critical component of a literature review data.


 The most critical component of a literature review data. It presents information through data and challenges the reader by discussion and analysis to allow for critical thinking (Rowley & Slack, 2004). Also, the information must be recent and relevant. I will write a successful literature review through researching peer-reviewed articles, research-backed articles, and gathering the necessary information. I aim to challenge my readers by presenting topics and ideas as it relates to nursing. Through use of a methodological approach I hope to grasp my reader’s attention. I think the most difficult part of conducting a thorough literature review is collecting enough information and resources, or being unable to narrow down my search through keywords.  


 A literature review is a review that goes over main sources on a topic and explains those sources (Purdue Writing Lab, 2022). The most important components of a solid literature review are an introduction, body, and a conclusion (UNC, 2021). The introduction introduces the research topic and the significance of the research. The body goes over all of the sources and ties them together to the research topic. The conclusion summarizes all the sources and the purpose of the literature review. Organization is also a critical component of the literature review to ensure that everything flows together and transitions well into the conclusion. The way I will ensure that my literature review is successful is by making sure all my sources are credible and that my review has an introduction, body and conclusion. Some challenges that I can foresee in writing my literature review is finding reliable sources and making sure everything flows well together.  

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