Post your background question and your strategy for getting a

Post your background question and your strategy for getting a comprehensive understanding of the clinical issue. Your background question will lead you to your foreground or PICOT question–so it is an important piece of the project!

Your background question should answer the who, what, when, where, how and why.  With a clinical question you will include the definition, epidemiology, clinical presentation, diagnosis and conclusion.  As an example, when I am thinking of background questions that I would like to answer for my topic of depression I would ask:  

1.  How is depression defined and how is it diagnosed in primary care?

2.  What population is at the most risk for depression?

3.  What are some of the causes of depression?

4. How is depression identified and treated?


Supporting one—Challenging one.

By the end of the week comment on the responses of at least two other students by supporting a minimum of one post and challenging a minimum of one post.  You will want to focus on their point of view, asking pertinent questions, adding to the responses by including information from other sources, and respectfully challenging a point of view, supported by references to other sources. Be objective, clear, and concise. Always use constructive language. All comments should be posted to the appropriate topic in this Discussion Area. Please only start a new thread with your original post. Hit reply to respond to a peer.

It is important to support what you say with relevant citations in the APA format from both the course materials and outside resources. Include the South University online library in your research activities utilizing not only the nursing resource database, but also those pertaining to education, business, and human resources.

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