Please reply to the following post utilizing 200 words or

Please reply to the following post utilizing 200 words or more.


 Toxic Industrial Materials (TIMs) are able to provide long-term affects towards the use of chemical weapons of terror. TIMs are not classified as chemical weapons for warfare but are able to cause injury depending on the scenario that an enemy wish to employ such forms of chemical. Toxic Industrial Materials are also known as Toxic Industrial Chemicals (TICs) and have many harmful effects on the human population. TIMs and TICs become harmful because they are used for some everyday purposes and also used in many infrastructures and other settings. Though TIMs does not hold the same properties as other nerve agents that are used in weapons for forms of attacks, they are not considered lethal in smaller amounts. 

     TIMs are more so dangerous than others by the mass volume that it is formed and held into. Manufacturing facilities and storage infrastructures, and overall maintenance areas could cause several negative affects if placed into the wrong terrorist hands. Chemical agents have several different warfare properties that are used to kill and cause mass bodily harm to the affected human population. Using specific chemical nerve agents could attack certain points of the human body such as CA agents. CA agents are more focused on the organs of the human body and is used to shut down organs causing possible death. 

     In my opinion, I think sulfuric acids is one of the most deadly forms of TIMs that could be used by a terrorist group. Sulfuric acid is a colorless oily liquid that can be transported in mass quantities from one location to another and is capable of burning skin, corrosive to metal and may even cause death if ingested. For instance, on October 18, 2021, there was a freight trained that derailed near the Port of Oakland, in which terms, was carrying a mass quantity of sulfuric acid. If a terrorist were to ensure that this derailing were in a populated area and cause other malfunctions to the freight train, this zero casualties incident, could have went a completely different direction. There are ample forms of detection equipment and preventative equipment created to ensure no forms of terrorist attacks could form against this form of attack. The public and private sector must continue to work together against any possible forms of TIMs attacks while staying up-to-date on proper procedures and protocols to remain proactive. 

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