Plan & record the development process of the project

Bi) Develop criteria for the product/outcome (7-8) i. develops rigorous criteria for the product/outcome. Developing my success criteria – How did you develop your criteria? – What specific research was it based on? – What different areas of the product/outcome did you develop a criterion for? (e.g. aesthetics, user-friendliness, quality of information provided by you.) – Why did you need to ensure these different areas were included in your criteria? (i.e. Why is it important that the sound quality of your podcast is 100 Db?) – Cite any instances you chose to alter your criteria and explain why. Your criteria… – Provide a detailed outline of your criteria. – List your criteria in detail OR show the rubric you’ve created. 1st Nov: Upload ‘ Record your criteria’ (Callido) – Based on your research create a rubric that you will use to assess your product/outcome. 7th Nov: Meet with your supervisor (keep minutes), to get feedback on your sources, explain how sources are linked with criteria, get feedback on criteria (is it thorough enough?) Bii) Plan & record the development process of the project (Process Journal essential!) (7-8) ii. presents a detailed and accurate plan and record of the development process of the project. Developing a plan to complete my project – Give an overview of what your action plan was and why you decided to plan out your time that way. – Show your action plan with clear project specific tasks, and deadlines with dates (can be in Appendices) – How did your plan help you achieve your goal / create your outcome? What went well once you had a plan? – What did you struggle with in terms of your plan? Did you need to change your plan at all? Why? How? (Adjustments to deadline should be shown on your actions plan) – Which of the following self-management skills did you develop as a result of this project? Demonstrating self-management skills – What strengths did you display when managing your time during this project? (I was always on time, I juggled my personal and school life well during the project, I could make effective adjustments to my action plan when things went wrong.) – Provide 3 examples of times where you really succeeded in managing your time well by completing tasks – What weaknesses did you display when managing your time during this project? (I didn’t always stick to my deadlines, I procrastinate a lot because of XYZ, I lacked the motivation to stay on task, once I missed a deadline I found it hard to get back on track) – Provide 3 examples of times where you really struggled with managing your time well by completing tasks Organization: Over the course of the project, did you learn how to… ● Keep a basic log or timeline planning for the project? ● Manage your time and effort for short chunks of time? ● Set realistic goals? ● Plan short- and long

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