Part 1: Ethical Practices Ethics is a part of many

Part 1: Ethical Practices 

Ethics is a part of many IT jobs, including system administrators. Systems administrators have access to various confidential or classified data. They need to practice and act ethically to protect everyone’s data, regardless of who or what it is. 

For this paper, and using properly cited material from this unit’s reading or research in the library, select an ethical problem that has at least three possible causes that a system administrator might confront. In a minimum 1-page paper, address the following: 

  1. State the ethical problem with at least three possible solutions.
  2. Analyze the problem and assess how you would troubleshoot the situation to get to the best solution given human behavior.
  3. Given the three possible solution, state the best possible solution. In other words, under what conditions would each of the solutions be the correct one and what would the ultimate impact be on people’s behavior within the organization?
  4. How might you handle any conflicts that arise between the solutions and individuals in the organization?

Part 2: Containers

Using your favorite search engine, research the primary purpose of containers in Windows Server 2016 operating systems, including specific tasks that a system administrator would need to know to use it successfully. Write a minimum 1-page paper and make sure to provide proper support.

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