No plagiarism 12 short answer questions please check grammar Use

No plagiarism 

12 short answer questions

please check grammar 

Use references as needed  

1) Identify the levels of strategic managers and discuss their role in the strategic management process.

2) Explain the difference between functional and general managers. Provide an example of each from your college or university.

3) Explain the formal strategic planning process. Name each step in the process and describe the specific activities included in each step and the relationship between the steps.

4) Identify and discuss the criticisms of the traditional strategic planning process and why it is useful to view strategy as an emergent process.

5) Select three of the cognitive biases that individual decision makers experience. Then describe the bias and a real or hypothetical situation for each of them, explaining how the bias is evident in the situation.

6) Describe three characteristics of strong strategic leaders. Explain how each of the three characteristics would help motivate and lead an organization’s personnel.

7)Describe the major limitations of the models for industry analysis. Does the existence of these limitations mean that the models are not useful? Why or why not?

8) Consider the macroenvironment facing a large, international airline headquartered in the United States (such as American Airlines or United Airlines). Give at least three examples of important trends or events from each of the segments of the airline’s macroenvironment (macroeconomic, global, technological, demographic, social, political, and legal), and explain whether each represents a threat or an opportunity for the firm.

9)Identify and describe the four building blocks of competitive advantage. Provide an example of each using a real company situation.

10)Explain the process by which increased production volume leads to lower costs. Give an example from a real or hypothetical firm. Can this process apply to a service organization as well as a manufacturing one? If so, give an example. If not, explain why not.

11) Discuss why superior efficiency is important and the many ways that different parts of the organization can help achieve it.

12) Discuss why superior quality is important, and describe how companies can achieve superior quality.

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