Music and Extra-Musical Forces

Music and Extra-Musical Forces—The Baroque saw some of the first works of program music (instrumental music depicting an extramusical idea, character, place, or story) and most famously a series of four concertos by Vivaldi called the Four Seasons. Chapter 4 discussed the first movement of the Spring Concerto. For this discussion, pick one of the other movements from this set of concertos and describe its music, with a particular focus on how the music might be heard as portraying the season in question. You should read the English translation of the poems associated with the movement you choose to discuss here. In your description of the music, write about at least three fundamental elements of music (melody, rhythm, texture, harmony, form), using key terms introduced in chapters 1 and 4 of your textbook. Your paper should contain, at a minimum, three paragraphs: Paragraph 1: identify the movement and concerto and the text of the poem that corresponds to the movement Paragraph 2: talk about the musical style, including form Paragraph 3: connect the musical style to the program

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