MRKT-3016 International Marketing Audit

Working in groups (three or four), research and write about an International firm’s approach to marketing in Canada and in one (1) country other than Canada (not including United States).


Key details:

Pick your group and let your instructor know the company and country you will be researching by January 11th.

Use the Marketing Plan Guide posted on LEARN as your template for the paper.

Groups can choose to write their marketing audit on a firm or organization of interest. Ensure though that you choose a firm that you have, or can reasonably attain, the necessary information about on the internet or library resources.

Your written marketing plan must be approximately 20 pages, typed with 1.5 spacing, printed one side only, stapled and submitted in hard copy. The page limit does not include a necessary title page, table of contents, appendices and references page.

Groups should use the APA format for any referencing.  Cite your secondary research.


Student names and student numbers must be noted on the title page to ensure grades are recorded accurately.

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