Length/Format • 6+ typed pages (business writing format) • 12-point

•       6+ typed pages (business writing format)
•       12-point font
•       Double-spaced
•       No cover page

•       Minimum of 5 information sources (examples: newspapers, magazines, academic books, personal interviews, and websites)
•       Cite references at end of paper (not included in page length requirement)
•       Reference citations in APA (preferred) or other consistently applied format (Chicago, MLA, etc.)
•       Graphics may be included, but do not count towards page length requirement

•       Choose one organization engaged in global commerce to profile.  
•       Include some basic information on the history, size, and structure of the organization.  Be sure to consider what countries the organization is currently engaged with.
•       Include some basic information on the organization’s host country culture.  
•       Discuss any unique cultural aspects of the organization that may or may not differ from the country where it is headquartered.
•       Identify any cross-cultural communication issues that arose for this particular organization in conducting business across borders.
•       You may discuss hypothetical issues that could arise for this organization if it did conduct business in another particular country (i.e., if profiling Stone Brewing, how could it successfully open a potential location in Brazil).
•       You may consider issues pertaining to cross-cultural communication in general, cross-cultural negotiation, and international human resources.
Note:  Feel free to focus on any aspect of the organization’s culture that you wish; the above guidelines are intentionally broad in nature.  

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