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 CSCI 3300 Assignment 1 The web site content must be related to you. If the content of the web pages are not related to you, you will get 0 points for the question(s). Please do NOT put any sensitive personal information on the web pages. No two students should submit webpages with exactly the same code, or same content, or same layout or same color combination. If any of these are found, both students will get 0 points. Save all the files from this assignment in this folder. Question 1 (40 points) Create your personal homepage using “’s personal homepage” as the page title. Save the page as index.htm Be sure the page contains the following: 1. The web page content must be related to you. 2. Have at least 3 paragraphs (p tags). 3. Have two or three header using (h1 to h6 tags, examples: hobbies, ambitions, etc.). 4. Use em (or i) and strong (or b) tags in a paragraph and br tag for a break 5. Use address and blockquote tags. 6. Add at least six hyperlinks (four are related to Question 2). 7. Display at least two images. 8. Show at least two special characters or symbols like ®. Check for the list of symbols. 9. Create a css file named style.css to format index.htm and provide a basic layout. Use css comments to document the css program. 10. Use HTML comments to identify the author, the course code, and the program date. Use HTML comments to document the program. Question 2 (60 points) Create your personal web pages. The page titles must include . In other words, the page titles must have your first name and your last name. 1. The content of the web pages must be related to you. 2. You should create at least 4 pages (example: hobbies, ambitions, etc.). Create hyperlinks from the homepage (Question 1, index.htm) for each of these 4 pages and a link back to the homepage. 3. Use meaningful file names for these 4 pages. No blanks (white spaces), no special characters in the file names. 4. The hyperlink from the homepage to the other pages should be contained in an unordered list. 5. One page should contain a nested ordered list. 6. Each page should have an image (you may search the web for appropriate images but note the copyright of using them). 7. Should use an external style sheet. Use text, font, color, and background properties. Create styles for the nested list as well. Use css comments to document the css program. 8. Keep everything in the file folder lastname_firstname_assignment1. 9. Update the css file style.css (Question 1), and use it to format the 4 pages. You may also create new css files to format these 4 pages (it is your choice). 10. Use HTML comments to identify the author, the course code, and the program date. Use HTML comments to document the program.

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