Intimate Partner Violence

rite the following points: A. Historical context of Intimate Partner Violence 1- Discuss the important legislation, laws, and policies that related to this topic from the past to present around the world. 2- Named the famous organizations that deal with this topic and what their roles for example: WHO, UN, etc. B. Definition of Intimate Partner Violence 1- Discuss the argument to define this topic 2- Define the related terms of this topic for example: “battered wives”, domestic valence, etc. 3- What the differences between these terms and IPV. 4- A recent definition of IPV. C. Types of Intimate Partner Violence 1- Discuss all forms of IPV 2- Provide a present definition for each form of IPV. note: >The limit of using citations is 20-25 and you may use more than 25 sources if it necessary. However, every data in this paper needs to be cited properly by named the author in the text and add the reference for it in the reference list. >The limit of section A (Historical context ) is 3 pages. > The limit of section B and C (Definition and Types of IPV) is 3 pages.

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