Interview with a person who has a resolved addiction problem.


Review all, and select ONE of the three options described below. Each option involves the active participation of a person or persons. As such you will be required to have them complete and sign a Volunteer Consent Form, giving you permission to work with him or her. The person(s) involved cannot be a fellow student, close friend, or family member. The person’s name must be changed in the paper. Also, the person needs to be aware that this is a class assignment and not a professional assessment of their habit. In all cases, the body of the paper is to be between 9 and 10 pages, not including the title and reference pages. An abstract is not required. Use APA style; first person is acceptable for personal reflections and opinions. Your paper must have between 8 and 10 references which, other than the text, must be peer-reviewed articles from scholarly journals. Two to three of those peer-reviewed articles must not be from the required readings in the course. All references must be recent (i.e., published within the last five years). The paper will be properly edited and proofread. Save your response as an MS Word doc and upload to the submission page.

Option 1: Interview with a person who has a resolved addiction problem.

Interview a person who has successfully resolved his or her problem with an addiction. Spend up to one hour talking with the person about the following topics: development of the problem, signs and symptoms, problem recognition and willingness to get help, unsuccessful attempts to change, how successful change was realized, and perspectives on how the person’s life is different today. Write a 9-10 page paper that is a critical analysis of the individual’s story in relation to the empirical literature covered in this course. In addition to an introduction and conclusion, the interview data needs to be organized into 9 to 10 pages using the above headings.

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