Instructions: Complete the following paper outline using the research topic

Instructions: Complete the following paper outline using the research topic that was approved by your instructor. Paper Topic: Nurse Shortages I. II. III. Introduction Possible ideas for the introduction (see front side of handout for suggestions): Have you ever asked yourself what are the problems when there are not enough nurses at a hospital? Many problems can happen because of that. It can lead to many patients having poor experiences. Thesis Statement (Usually the last sentence(s) in the introduction): What can happen when there are nurse shortages Body (A paper may have a few or many main points; decide how many your paper will need) Main Nurse Shortages Examples/Details/Explanations: a. A hospital that has not enough staff to attend your needs usually has a bad service b. When there are not enough nurses at a hospital they can not attend the needs of people like you and me and can make patients pile up c. When patients pile up staff at the hospital might want to hurry which can lead to poor treatment and little safe care Main Point: Little Safe Care Examples/Details/Explanations: a. A hospital with little safe care can make your stay at the hospital very unpleasant b. If a hospital has little safe care on its patients, in their hurry they might give the wrong medication to a patient c. If a hospital gives the wrong medication to a patient it can lead to serious problems Main Point: Unsafe Use of Medications Examples/Details/Explanations: a. The unsafe use of medications can make patients have more symptoms that the ones they already have and an incorrect dosage of the medication b. If a nurse gives the wrong dosage of the wrong medication to a patient it can cause the serious problems c. If a patient gets sick and gains health problems because a nurse gave them the wrong medication it can cause them to never return there Main Point: Inappropriate selection of drugs and their dosages Examples/Details/Explanations: a. The wrong dosage of a medication or drug can cause health problems on a patient b. The wrong dosage of anything can give the patient problems like blood pressure c. A patient can sue the hospital if they have more problems because of an error the hospital did III. Conclusion Reworded Thesis (Usually found near the beginning of the conclusion): What are the problems cause by not having enough nurses at a hospital Paper Outline

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