Identify how and why groups of customers / consumers are targeted for

 Introduction: Within the marketing environment there are factors that often change. The marketing team need to identify how and why groups of customers / consumers are targeted for selected products & services. The marketing team might want to conduct different types of research in order to identify key areas for marketing planning. Once the team have a marketing plan, the team should then decide which tools are used, and how they should be used to market their products and services For a new product or service, the marketing team also needs to identify the right marketing mix. Completion of this assignment will address the following learning outcomes: 3 Explain how and why groups of customers / consumers are targeted for selected products and services. 4 Discuss the use of marketing research for marketing planning. 5 Describe how marketing techniques are used in the marketing of products and services in a range of organisations. 6 Apply the marketing mix for a new product or service. Task: You work for a multinational sports retailer. Select and research a product range that they currently sell or offer, but which you feel might be impacted by the recent developments in sustainability and climate change. The Marketing Manager has asked you to produce a 1,500 word proposal on how you would market your chosen products. With the proposal you should consider the following; • The benefits and process of conducting market research within your chosen organisation. Debate how the findings of market research could aid the organisation in planning its activity to support your chosen product. • Within the Marketing Mix describe how and why customers and consumers are targeted through the marketing activity of your chosen product. Discuss how the activity is tailored to the target market? Describe and give examples of how cultural differences can alter the marketing message. When writing think about; What? Why? When? Where? How? Who? This will assist you to analyse, evaluate and reason your points of view. Remember to support your concept/academic argument with examples as it allows the reader to appreciate the rigour and your understanding of the task. You will need to reference all sources using the Coventry University Harvard style of referencing.

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