I want u to write an appeal for financial aid

I want u to write an appeal for financial aid because I fail in my math373 

please mention that I failed in math class because  i had alot of problem, the owner of the house that im living in wants to sell his house and he ask us to leave in a month, i was busy looking to find a house, we moved to a new house then the section 8 program didn’t accept our moving request we had to go back to the old house we moved 2 times during this semester and u know how hard to be moved with all ur stuff, i tired hard to do my assignments but my thinking was just about the problem i have in my life i was worry to be kicked out of the house with my family 

then by the end of the semester my friend is dead by motorcycle accident, i was really sad for him I cried for days, i lived in depression 

please write the appeal in ur words and u can add more to desc more about the situation 

thank u

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