Following are instructions for Phase 5 of your project. Remember

Following are instructions for Phase 5 of your project. Remember that each phase is built on the instructor-approved outcome of the previous phases and reflects all recommended changes and corrections.  Please ensure that you follow all submittal instructions below.

Phase 5:  Build Project Interface (Switchboard) and  User’s Manual: In this final phase of the project you will accomplish two major tasks. You will build an interface (switchboard) and complete documentation of your database.  Here is what you will deliver:

  • A switchboard form that contains navigation buttons to various queries, forms and reports that you created in previous phases of the project.  Think of this as a menu to different features of your database. Be creative.
  • A user’s manual that outline step-by-step actions that a user will have to take to perform tasks on your database.  Note that you can find a user manual template in Module 6 (Administrative Style Sheet Guide) that you may choose to use or reference. These tasks should align the requirements that were listed in the first deliverable of the project under Phase 1. For example, explain how to generate a specific report or query or how data entry works. Explain the parameter query and what it needs in order to work properly (error messages, etc.) Screenshots for data entry forms should be included, along with sample reports and how to generate them.   Minimum of 10 pages (not including the title page).
  • Include a section in the user’s manual and outline the process for deploying your database application.
  • Submit your MS Access database file (you are welcome to include an executable database but be sure to also include your entire database as well) and the User’s Manual to the assignment submission folder in Module 6.

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