Final Assignment: PowerPoint Using resources outlined on the syllabus (including


Final Assignment: PowerPoint

Using resources outlined on the syllabus (including websites and BCC’s library), students will create a PowerPoint presentation that focuses on the universal themes of Personal Wellness. Your job is to review the course material, additional resources, assignments, health journal, barriers, fitness technology, physical activity, nutrition, and family history. Students will create a presentation with 7-12 slides with 100-200 words for your note slides to show the correlation between health conditions and lifestyle.

Project 4 is due on the last Friday of your course – The extension for late assignments is 2-days as this course ends on June 29th. 


Consider the impact of healthy lifestyles and the pandemic. To everyone, each wellness area was shattered by issues of finances, social and emotional challenges that disrupted areas of health and well-being.

Using your entire book, create a focus on 3-key areas for your PowerPoint Presentation.  The presentation should include the following:

  • Title Page
  • Overview
  • 3- Key areas (2 slides each)
  • 1 summary
  • 1 Reference slide

Your PowerPoint Presentation and note slides are not the same things.  Students should have no more than 1-5 words or images on the presentation slides and 100-200 words on the notes slide.

*Students are encouraged to review the recordings for examples on this project.  

Grading and Rubric

Rubric 210 26052021.docx download 


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