Evaluate Hispanic Families through the incorporation of evidence-based practices.

4 Professional Use of Self and Ethical Practice – Instructions



The purposes of this assignment are to:

Evaluate Hispanic Families through the incorporation of evidence-based practices.

Identify the practical aspects of making a successful treatment referral (SBIRT).


Considering the scenario below and respond to the questions.
Use ideas from your readings (including the course and SBIRT readings and materials) to explain and support response.

A Mexican American politician and his wife have five children. He is running for the U.S. Senate within his state and the campaign is going well. The politician has told the therapist confidentially that he has been having an affair, but that he is calling it off. The Mexican family has come to therapy because of repeated substance abuse by their 18 year old son. The boy has told the therapist on the side that he knows that his father has had an affair, that he is angry at his father for ignoring him, and that he plans to tell everything he knows to the papers.


Who is the client in the different parts of the situation?

What are the ethical/legal issues that might be involved in this case? How should they be addressed? What would the consequences of addressing them be?

What could a family practitioner do to address the possibility of these ethical dilemmas through informed consent at the beginning of therapy?

What barriers exist to substance use treatment within the Hispanic population? What are some strategies to overcome them?



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