Essay Preparation Exercise PSC101: Choose one of the traditional

Fill in the below outline (times new roman, 12pt. font, including header) addressing the following question, which you will receive feedback on and then transform into a longer essay. Here is the essay assignment that you are working toward. On the next page is the outline. How does [a recent politician’s speech] reflect and/or reject two diferent ideologies?

1. You must choose one of the traditional ideologies (liberalism, conservatism, socialism) and one of the non-traditional ideologies (fascism, anarchism, nationalism, feminism, green ideology, multiculturalism, Islamism).

2. Your essay can explain current politics locally (in Rochester, NY), nationally (American), or internationally. The politician must be someone either in office or running for office. You are responsible for finding the text of the speech on your own.

3. In a politics essay, we are interested primarily in current events and power dynamics. Your essay should be concerned with a speech given by a politician within the last 3 years.

4. You must spend the bulk of the essay exploring the content of the speech and relating the actual words to what you know about ideologies, their pillars, and the major theorists associated with them

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