Ess.. III Topic: The purpose of Ess.. III is to

Ess.. III Topic:

  • The purpose of Ess.. III is to propose and defend a solution to the problem argued in Ess..II.
  • The Ess.. III assignments will continue to apply the same topic/problem that was previously approved.
  • Tips/Ideas:  You can either support a solution that has been discussed in the research and needs implementation OR create your own solution, building on ideas from other experts/authorities in the field. This is not a summary of other proposals…find a way to expand and contribute to the conversation.

Ess.. III Guidelines:

  • Ess.. III is a developed proposal argument that is organized with a proper, clear structure.
  • Ess.. III will argue a solution to the problem approved by the professor.
  • Research will incorporate seven to ten credible sources (research should include primary and secondary sources).
  • Ess..will apply current MLA or APA to the citation of sources.
  • Ess.. will use professional/academic tone.
  • Length of ess..: 1,500 to 1,800 words, including works cited page

Ess..without research, in-text citations, or a works cited page will be subject to a zero. 

Ess..III Submission

  • Ess.. III should be submitted as a Word  document in MLA format. 
  • Ess.. must adhere to the approved topic or it will receive a zero grade.
  • Ess.. without in-text citations and works cited/reference page will be subject to the plagiarism penalty.

Avoid Patchwriting!

Learning Outcomes

  • Apply a multi stage research process to produce ess..
  • Compose a written argument using evidence from varied sources.
  • Apply conventions aligned to varied writing situations.
  • Apply grammatical and mechanical standards consistent with the norms of a given writing context.
  • Document source material in accordance with at least one recognized documentation style.

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