Emotional intelligence as a moderator between leadership and patient

The research will be on 3 variables emotional intelligence among as a Mediator between leadership and patient safety among nurses leaders works in accreditation hospitals and non accreditation hospitals in accreditation hospitals and non accreditation hospitals the aim will be to examine the relationship between emotional intelligence and patient safety i want you to use up to date resources only 5 years max in the introduction,follow the instructions below 1.1. Background Introduction section would discuss the: problem identification, background, scope of the problem, knowledge gap, and proposed solution and it does not require a heading with problem statement. State the problem clearly early in a paragraph. Limit the variables you address in stating your problem. 1.2. Significance of the Study It should include: Prevalence nationally and internationally, Statistics, Importance to the specialty and nursing (the implication to nursing education, practice, and/or research).

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