each question one page two references Q1 Discuss, in your

each question one page two references



  • Discuss, in your own words, why health care needs transformation and what some of the challenges and opportunities are in getting this transformation accomplished?
  • Discuss the current state of healthcare costs and quality
  • Discuss 2-3 analytic opportunities in healthcare
  • Describe a quality improvement project you envision, how you prevent it from failing, and how you would use analytics to “drive decisions” and “leverage” information


 ccording to Strome (2013), “analytics strategy is more than simply a data utilization strategy, a data analysis strategy, a technology strategy, or a quality improvement strategy.  In fact, elements of all these are required for an effective analytics strategy” (p. 29).   


  • Strome (2013) stated, “the purpose of an analytics strategy is to guide a healthcare organization’s (HCO) ability to rapidly respond to the information needs of stakeholders while maintaining a consistent direction in supporting the quality and business goals of the HCO” (p. 69).  In your own words, what does this mean to you as a healthcare administrator??  On page 30, Strome list items that a strategy must aid HCOs with.  Take three (3) of these items and:
    • State the item
    • In your own words, discuss the item, what it means to you, and challenges one might have in accomplishing this item and how you would overcome the challenge
    • Provide real-world examples for each item you are righting on in order to help the reader better understand your discussion
  • On page 33, Strome there is a diagram of an analytic strategy framework that supports quality and performance improvement.  This framework has six (6) components.  Discuss at least three (3) of the components of this framework and why they are vital
  • Describe the main three (3) main steps used in creating an analytics strategy (in your own words)

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