Dq1 Global health plays an important role in issues such


Global health plays an important role in issues such as health care, the environment, infectious disease control, health disparities, and global security. Furthermore, global health is important for the well-being of every individual. Healthcare reform has been a constant battle here in the United States. A change in the health care system can either have a positive or negative effect on our economy, thus leaving families without coverage. This can be strenuous on lower income communities. Health issues such as communicable disease, environmental issues, the delivery of health care, and drug and alcohol abuse, are some of the issues of global concern. In fact, despite the current pandemic, we continue to face world hunger across our own nation and the world. People cannot afford to buy food on their own and do not always qualify for government assistance. Geographic location, climate, and the overall environment can hinder the abundance of food sources. These concepts are important to global health because the availability of health care to all will assist in the reduction of both infectious disease and non-communicable diseases for all. Global health distinctly focuses on international health and the health equity for all individuals.

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