Do mental health patients’ lived experience of seclusion support its

 Analytical inquiry in Nursing TITLE Do mental health patients’ lived experience of seclusion support its therapeutic benefit? Task details and instructions You are required to writer a 5000 word assignment that critically evaluates the evidence underpinning an area of clinical nursing practice and explore the usefulness of this evidence for practice and the client group. You are expected to develop a clear search strategy and critically appraise the quality of the evidence identified. You need to consider the implications for clinical practice and include ways to disseminate your findings. Finally, you will identify potential barriers to implementation of your evidence and discuss how these might be addressed. Background and Context: Identify a field specific nursing topic and outline the rationale for the choice of topic, highlighting key issues; include user and carer perspectives relating to your nursing topic. Aim: Develop a robust and clear question that will help you address the topic. Search Strategy: Outline a comprehensive search strategy used to retrieve evidence relating to your topic. Include an example of one of your data base searches in an appendix. Summary of Evidence: Construct a table that illustrates the evidence that you have identified and discuss the relevance of this evidence to your topic; a minimum of eight papers are required. Quality Appraisal and Discussion: Critically evaluate the key findings and discuss the implications of the evidence for your chosen topic, client group and for nursing practice. This must include consideration of the quality of the identified evidence including any ethical issues. Present this section using themed sub-headings. Dissemination Plan: Formulate a plan to disseminate your findings effectively. Barriers to Implementation of Your Findings: Identify potential barriers to implementation in the clinical context and discuss how these might be addressed.

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