Description This week our textbook takes us through the prescriptive


This week our textbook takes us through the prescriptive expectations for formal, academic writing and source integration. Beyond technically mastering the obligate standards of MLA Formatting, the question emerges, “what do the rules of source formatting tell us about what we value in writing?” Timeliness? Notoriety and Prestige? Collaboration? Evidence? Everything’s an Argument chapters 20 through 22 will help us better answer this question. As satirical relief from these rules, Kyle Stedman will reinforce the most common pitfalls of source integration through humor and learning models that come to represent “how NOT to use sources.” As you craft your CRR this week, think about how these chapters reinforce or challenge your field’s source integration habits (i.e. perhaps you are used to a different citation style like APA, Chicago, or ASA among others) and more broadly, how the ability to integrate sources with integrity cultivate your credibility as a writer.


After Reading the assigned texts, your response should be approached in one of the following ways:

  1. Reading with/Reading Against: Read with each text, summarizing the key ideas. Then, “talk back” to the ideas, locating potential gaps or how these ideas might be reconsidered or implemented in various settings.
  2. Impact on your own writing: Think of what impact the ideas or concepts in a particular article/chapter/es.SAY may have on the teaching of writing or on writing more generally–in and out of your discipline. Explain as clearly as possible how this impact might occur. You might also talk about the problems and/or possibilities this concept or idea creates for the teacher/student/practitioner. You should reflect, at least a little, on how your own experience(s) in classrooms and courses rub against the concept(s) or idea(s) to which you are responding.
  3. Synthesis: Looking at the texts you read for the week, attempt to synthesize a concept or idea that you noticed moving through the texts. Your goal should be to highlight the idea or concept as the writers understand it and then explain how you see these concepts connecting or disconnecting in a productive way. You might also use these syntheses in future projects.

You may want to include key definitions and terms to help you on future projects. Every discussion post must include a question you want the class to address that goes beyond reading comprehension (i.e. we want conversations started not merely yes/no or shallow questions). The expectation is that you engage deeply with the assigned readings and draw explicit connections between your CRR and the readings.


  • Type or paste your reading response directly into the submission text area
  • You do not need to include an MLA Works Cited entry, but do follow MLA format to cite any sentences with direct examples or quotations you reference from the reading.
  • The initial post (worth 5 points) is due Tuesday by 11:59 p.m.
  • Your responses to your writing group members (worth 5 points) are due Thursday by 11:59 p.m.

Post Requirements

  • Original Title of Discussion post, “Walker WK1 DQ Answer” is not original. Try and think outside of the box and pull something unique and individual from our weekly assigned readings
  • Initial Response must be 400 words in length

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