Describe one or more of Ted Nelson’s 1973 predictions/criticisms. Were

Plato’s anxieties about the shift from oral to literate culture can be considered parallel to the common anxieties that are expressed in our contemporary culture about the shift from print to digital literacy. Lay out some parallel concerns and evaluate the extent to which those parallel concerns are valid and explain why.

A) Choose a situation in which the medium transmitting the message has a significant affect on the audience’s understanding/interpretation of the message. Try to explain your specific example(s) by describing the impact that using a different medium to transmit the same message might make. Take into account the concept of “remediation,” if it applies to the situation you choose.

B) Consider including in your answer how McLuhan’s concept that the “medium IS the message” might be supported or challenged by the examples you pose.

Describe one or more of Ted Nelson’s 1973 predictions/criticisms. Were they valid to the computer culture that was developing while Nelson was writing? How so? Are they or are they not significant/accurate today? Explain your position.

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