Description Database systems are experiencing very rapid change. Databases are handling structured data at the heart of operations in firms, vendor and customer order systems, financials, inventory management, and manufacturing. Data is being processed by enterprise software connected to back-end databases such as the Oracle product. Also with sensor data and social media data, firms need to be able to handle Big Data using tools such as Apache Hadoop. Streaming big data requires a new approach to data management while maintaining the existing structured database for enterprise systems. Review the following two videos and then produce a comparison of the management issues associated with traditional data management and with Big Data Management. Discuss the future of data management for large firms and the implications for IT management. Srinath, S. (2008). Lecture 30: Introduction to data warehousing and OLAP. Indian Institute of Technology Madras. Retrieved from YouTube: Awadallah, A. (2011). Introducing Apache Hadoop: The modern data operating system. Retrieved from Case Assignment When you have read through the articles and related material and thought about it carefully, please compose a paper on the following topic: Compare the management issues associated with traditional data management and with big data management. Include data warehousing and Hadoop in your discussion. Also discuss the applications for these systems and future trends.


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