Culture and Ethnic Studies: AUTO’BIOGRAPHY of “Bishop Fulton J. SHEEN

Bishop Fulton J. SHEEN (1895-1979) After becoming a Catholic priest in 1919, he earned graduate degrees in philosophy at Louvain and Rome, and (from 1926) taught at the Catholic University of America. A captivating preacher and lecturer with a flare for the theatrical, he won a huge audience for his talks on radio, the “Catholic Hour” (1930-1952), and his television series, “Life is Worth Living” (1952-1965), as well as for his books [videos and books are easy to find]. He served as an auxiliary bishop of New York, and was named bishop of Rochester, N.Y. (1966), retiring with the title of archbishop (1969). …………………… Purpose of Assignment:

A)To research the life and times of a historically significant person in RomanCatholicism.

B)To summarize and evaluate the impact this person has had on (Catholic) history andhis/her contribution to the culture that is Roman Catholicism.

C)To write the paper as if YOU were that person andin 1st-person style.Way of Proceeding:1.You will be assigned the random name of an important figurewho has aconnection to our course-materials from a list of 100 choices. Choices cannotbe exchanged with other students.The complete list of names will beavailable for viewing on the UM Learn site.2.Do your Research. If a Book/Article/Website is suggested under the entry forthe person you have chosen, begin there. Consult the Bibliography on the Especially valuable are the three versions of the CatholicEncyclopaedia(1910, 1968, & 2003)

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