Create a tri-fold brochure on behavioral health for your department.

Create a tri-fold brochure on behavioral health for your department. You may use the brochure template found  here (SeeAttched) , find a brochure template through Microsoft Word, or create your own brochure from scratch. The brochure should include the following:

  • department logo; 
  • at least one apparatus photo; 
  • contact names and numbers for your organization’s employee assistance program (EAP), local behavioral health programs, county behavioral health counseling, state behavioral health help line, and national suicide prevention lifeline; 
  • a brief description of what behavioral health services each of the support agencies in the previous bullet provides; 
  • an explanation of what policies are available in your organization to standardize response to emergency scenes; and
  • identify which policies are needed in your organization and a description of the strategy of how to adopt each policy in your department.

Ensure the members of your department will be made aware of behavioral health resources after viewing your flyer.

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