Course Project: Write a paper that communicates 10 economic concepts

Course  Project:  Write  a  paper  that  communicates  10
economic concepts to someone without any background in

You may work in groups of 1—3. There are really no limitations
on what you can write about. Here are some examples:

1.  A scene from a book, movie, or tv show where the
actions/thoughts of the characters can be described using an economic topic that we discussed
in class. For instance, you may recall the Simpsons and Breaking Bad videos when we discussed
elasticity or, more recently, the Seinfeld video when we discussed common resources and

2.  You may also choose news articles, current event commentaries, biographies, and even animal
behavior. For example, what economic concept can possibly explain how cleaner fish tend to
“treat” roaming clients better than residents? Why are financial markets, unlike many other
markets, so heavily regulated? What can be behind the latest foreign policies of the US?

For each economic concept, (i) state and define the core economic concept, (ii) describe/present your
example, and (iii) explain how the economic concept can be applied to the example. Please avoid using
an economic concept more than once.  

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