Controlling a project is a task that the project manager

Controlling a project is a task that the project manager should not underestimate. Such control can be achieved through many tools and techniques that have been discussed during lecture. Commitment to a project is a factor that cannot be manipulated directly by the project manager. A team member with a high sense of commitment may be an extremely valuable asset, just like a member with no commitment can endanger the entire endeavor. What are some factors that influence the commitment of team members? What are the ways in which the project manager can interact with the committed team members? Are there any differences between the commitment to the project and the one to the team?

Among the many activities that should be performed while closing a project, a truthful self-assessment from the project team should be conducted. How do you think a project manager should conduct such an assessment? How should the lessons learned be implemented in order to improve the team’s performance in the next project? Should the project manager weigh everyone’s response to these assessments in the same manner? If not, what role do you believe the project manager should have in acknowledging certain assessments more than others? What criteria would dictate such discriminations?

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