CJ411-2: Identify the differences between the various classes of legal

You will provide an assessment of the various classes of drugs, paying specific attention to the addictive quality of each drug. You will evaluate the classifications of both legal and illegal stimulants (nicotine, caffeine, cocaine, amphetamine and methamphetamine), depressants (alcohol, heroin, barbiturates, and benzodiazepines), hallucinogens (LSD, PCP, Ecstasy, and Ketamine), and marijuana. The assessment should include the definition of each class as well as a comparison of the various classes with the different types of drugs.

You should also provide a discussion of the government’s decision in placing the classification on each drug and a determination of whether the classification continues to be warranted today or if new research provides a rationale for changing the classification. The paper will be a minimum of 4 pages of written text (the cover page and reference page do not count in the page minimum). The paper should also follow APA format. The paper is due at the end of Unit 3.

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